F1 Gear Ratio Bookends

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Add a touch of F1 action to your home library or office, with this pair of bookends, crafted from genuine race used gear ratios. 


  • Race used gear ratios 
  • Individual detailing 
  • Re-engineered into bookends 
  • Attached to wood 
  • Each gear ratio is unique and size may vary

    Gear ratios play an important role in the performance of the F1 race cars, with the gear ratio of the highest gear on a car being very important as it determines what RPM the car will cruise at and therefore determines fuel efficiency and noise level whilst racing. With the need for speed, each race car requires the ability to accelerate and decelerate quickly when battling it out for track position. These gear ratios would have helped the driver switch between gears seamlessly, enabling them to push the limits and produce a flawless fast lap. 

    Race used during a past Formula 1 season, these gear ratios have now been cleaned up and attached to wood. Re-engineered into the perfect bookends for racing fans, get yours now and bring F1 action to your space. 

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