Kimi Räikkönen 2019 Race Used Alfa Romeo C38 Front Wheel Rim Table

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The ‘Silent Speedster’, a name fondly coined by F1 themselves, hints at Kimi ‘The Iceman’ Räikkönen’s lasting legacy on the sport – a driver with undeniable skill, a poker face and a tendency to keep quiet and let his driving do the talking. Celebrate one of the most original and popular characters seen on the F1 grid with a piece of authentic racing history – a race used wheel rim taken straight from his Alfa Romeo Racing C38, now cleverly re-engineered into a table. The wheel rim was used during his 2019 season - the year that saw him return to the team he started his F1 career with once again.  

Whether you have an appreciation for the engineering and craftmanship that goes into the epic F1 cars we see on the grid, or you’re looking to show your appreciation for Räikkönen himself – this striking piece of his legacy, straight from the 2019 tracks, could be yours.  

Known to have had some of the least experience before entering the F1 grid, Räikkönen appeared from nowhere, said very little, yet said everything he needed to with his skill on track. Demonstrating speed, determination and a little charisma along the way - he became a firm fan favourite and truly made his mark on the sport.  

In 2019, Räikkönen maintained his reputation as a steady and consistent driver – regularly delivering strong results for the Alfa Romeo Racing team, scoring points and demonstrating he knew how to get the most from his car. He delivered his trademark speed and regularly exceeded expectations, with his professionalism and feedback being an invaluable asset for the team’s progression.  

Räikkönen's laid back demeanour, consistency on track and notorious radio messages meant he consolidated his spot on the F1 grid as a respected driver, revered opponent, loved character and positive role model for young and upcoming drivers.  

Now re-engineered into a expertly crafted table, you can own a wheel rim used by the driver during his 2019 season with Alfa Romeo Racing – the beginning of a second stint with the team who was with him as he made his epic entrance onto the F1 grid. Race used and baring the scars of it’s on track battles – celebrate a driver who cemented his status as one of F1’s most talented and original characters.  

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