Lewis Hamilton 'Union III Flag' Hand Embellished Canvas - Paul Oz

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This artwork, by Paul Oz, is the perfect way to celebrate seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton; in this hand embellished canvas artwork, Lewis carries the Union flag around his shoulders to celebrate his victories. 

    Paul Oz is the buzz word in Formula One art; widely acclaimed for his explosive and energetic artworks and well-respected for his genuine passion for the sport. 

    Lewis Hamilton is currently the most decorated F1 driver in history with seven World Championship Titles and the most race wins to his name. 

    Decorate your walls with this incredible piece of artwork, created by renowned Formula 1 artist, Paul Oz. 

    Please note: Paul Oz artworks are brought to F1 Authentics by a third-party supplier and therefore we cannot guarantee that each print or canvas features exactly the same dimensions. Please use the above as an approximation, however please be aware this may not be true to each piece. 

    • Depicts Lewis Hamilton
    • Lewis Hamilton with Union Flag
    • Artwork by Paul Oz
    • Hand embellished canvas
    • Measures approximately 946mm(L) x 690mm(H)
    SKU: 071-POLHU3-HE