Own the Chequered Flag – 2022 United States Grand Prix

Own the Chequered Flag – 2022 United States Grand Prix
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4 Weeks after the Race

Once again, F1 Authentics is delighted to offer you the chance to have your name printed on a square of the chequered flag, which will be waved at the 2022 United States Grand Prix (23rd October), signalling the winner of the race. 

How it works 

  • Buy a square; at checkout you’ll be asked the name you wish to have appear on your square 
  • F1 Authentics will print your name on the flag 
  • The flag gets delivered to the chosen race  
  • Flag is waved to signal the race winner 
  • The flag is returned to us following the race 
  • We hand cut each square and professionally frame it, along with a photograph from the race it was waved at 

    The square with your printed name will be expertly mounted and framed along with a photograph taken at the race by a professional F1® photographer and a plaque to mark the occasion. 

    Waving the chequered flag to signal the end of a race has been a tradition that has lasted the entirety of F1’s incredible history.  

    Please note the photo used in the frame will be specific to the race that the flag was used at and will be taken by a professional F1® photographer at each circuit.  We can't guarantee that each name on the flag will be visible in the final photo due to ripples in the flag when waved and as the flag is double sided.

    This product will also feature a hologram to guarantee authenticity. 

    Please note: We cannot offer refunds or exchanges on personalised items. Please ensure your details are correct before checkout.