Pirelli 2018 Wheel Rim & Tyre Table - Orange Superhard Compound

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Add one of these stylish tables to your collection, which have been re-engineered out of official Pirelli wheel rims and tyres. This edition features an unused race spec orange superhard compound tyre from the 2018 F1 season. 


  • Official Pirelli wheel rim & tyre 
  • 2018 F1 season 
  • Orange superhard compound 
  • Re-engineered into table 
  • Topped with perspex 
  • Dimensions: 380mmH x 650mmW approximately 

In Formula 1, ‘tyre compounds’ refer to the type of rubber used for the tyres. The type of rubber determines the performance as it affects elements such as grip and the durability of the tyres. Tyre compounds are colour coded, with the colours each representing a different level of hardness of the rubber.  

The "orange" compound was a superhard compound during the 2018 season and was designed to provide good durability. These tyres would typically last much longer and would be good for long stints of the races. They would wear slower than other softer tyres, however, would not provide a much speed as some.  

Now, this Pirelli tyre and wheel rim has been re-engineered into a stylish table, bringing the action of the race tracks directly into your home. This unused tyre makes the perfect addition to any F1 fans home or office. 

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