Sergio Pérez 2023 Print – Australian GP

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Celebrate Sergio Pérez getting voted as the Driver of the Day at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix – the race saw the driver make an impressive recovery, climbing from the pit lane to a strong 5th place finish. Now fans of the driver can commemorate this exciting achievement.  


  • Official F1 memorabilia  
  • Sergio Pérez - Driver of the Day 
  • Captures the RB19 race car 
  • 2023 Australian Grand Prix 
  • Photography by James Moy 
  • Professionally framed 
  • Dimensions: 522mmW X 400mmH approximately  

The 2023 Australian Grand Prix was an action-packed race, with multiple collisions, several appearances of safety cars throughout and three red flags. Pérez impressed audiences after making an impressive recovery on race day, managing to climb from the pit lane to a points finish by the halfway mark of the race, ultimately finishing 5th place.  

Being voted in as ‘Driver of the Day’, fans can now celebrate this incredible achievement further with an official print – perfect to bring racing action home. 

This print has been captured by F1 photographer, James Moy. 

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