F1® Rear Wing Endplates

Each Rear Wing Endplate is crafted with precision and performance in mind, playing key roles in the aerodynamics of the F1 cars. And now, these striking car parts can elevate your F1 collection beyond the ordinary, bringing racing excellence to the forefront of your display.

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The incredibly high speeds reached by F1 cars are made possible by the perfect symphony of hundreds of precision-engineered components. Each and every aspect of a car’s design is fine-tuned to be as close to perfect as possible, so that the results of their interaction and co-operation may also aspire to perfection. The rear wing endplates are just one of many such components, and they also happen to make particularly fine collectibles.

When framed, an F1 rear wing endplate is a striking object. Their unique shape draws the eye, and the small snapshot of the car livery they provide is more than capable of holding it. Here you’ll find the colours, shapes, and corporate logos that define a team’s presence on the F1 track on a particular season. And here, for the collector, is an opportunity to capture and display a surprisingly detailed snapshot of the sport in what initially appears to be a small space. Our range of F1 rear wing endplates for sale includes replica and race used items, giving you the opportunity to own something that has been present in the intensity of an F1 race. Find endplates by your favourite F1 teams and lift your collection to the next level with F1A.