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Headrests in F1 cars became compulsory in January 1969, and have contributed to the iconic aesthetic of F1 cars ever since. They play a fundamental role in keeping drivers safe and protected from harm in case of collision, and make fine collectibles for those collectors looking for unique items.

Each F1 car is required to have a headrest, with their exact composition dependant on race conditions. As with every other F1 component, great care has been taken to ensure headrests are as aerodynamic and conducive to performance as possible. Our range of collectible F1 headrests includes items taken from F1 cars after races, giving you a unique opportunity to take home a piece of F1 history. More so than some other collectibles, F1 headrests offer an intimate connection between driver and collector, making them an ideal piece for a connoisseur.

Tap into the engineering prowess of F1 and lift your collection to the next level with our range of handpicked F1 headrests. Whether as a standalone piece or the centrepiece of an established collection, you're sure to catch eyes and draw envy from other fans of the sport with such an item on display.