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For the F1 collector looking for a unique piece to make a statement, it doesn't get much better than an F1 sidepod. These aerodynamic components play a key role in the performance and distinctive aesthetic of F1 cars, and our exclusive collection features pieces from a range of world-leading teams. Here you'll find race used sidepods that bring an unparalleled piece of F1 heritage to your collection.

Each F1 car is a marvel of engineering, with each component contributing to the harmonious performance of the whole. Sidepods, just like every other part of the machine, are fine-tuned and optimised to deliver peak performance. They are striking to look at, and each one is imbued with the timeless majesty of F1 engineering. This makes them the perfect choice to display as part of your F1 collection: whether as the centre piece, or alongside other iconic items.

So if you're a discerning collector looking for a statement piece to tie together your collection, or to elevate a space in your home, office, or elsewhere, look no further than our F1 car sidepods. Every item here will bring the speed, excitement, and engineering prowess of F1 to your space.