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Bring F1® racing action into your everyday life with our collection of F1® bodywork accessories. From pens to keyrings to bracelets, this exciting new range includes real hand-cut race car bodywork from your favourite F1® teams. Now, you can carry a piece of F1® history with you at all times.

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Our F1 accessories bring the thrills of being an F1 collector within easy reach. Each item in our range of accessories combines the history and high octane excitement of the sport with accessible, affordable items like keyrings, pens, bracelets and more. Such items are great entry-level collectibles for fledgling F1 collections. They're also fantastic gifts for the race fans in your life, whether they're a seasoned fan or someone just getting acquainted with the sport.

To bring the visceral connection with the sport, our pens, keyrings and other accessories incorporate sections of F1 bodywork into their design. This means that each piece contains a unique piece of F1 history: part of a vehicle that was used on race day, and which as a result has played its role in the evolution of the sportTo us, this is what F1 collectibles are about: bringing the action of a race and the history of the sport into the hands of fans. Each time you reach into your pocket for your F1 accessories, you'll be connecting with the source of your passion. What more could you want from a collectible, or for a gift?