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At first glance our collection of F1 keyrings may look like any other, but look closer and you'll see that these are very special indeed. Rather than just keyrings with an F1 theme, each item in our collection is a unique piece of F1 history, immortalised in keyring form. A portable piece of F1 heritage for you to savour.

Our F1 keyrings include pieces of actual F1 cars: components that have seen a race day, and have contributed to the rich and captivating history of the sport. In our F1 keychains you'll find bodywork from top F1 teams, cuttings of skid blocks, brake bobbins, titanium brake disc bolts and more. What better way to carry with you a piece of the sport you love? A memento to carry with you each day, with a story to share with your nearest and dearest.

For the casual supporter or the lifelong fan, and F1 keyring is an accessible and enjoyable way to dip your toe into F1 collectibles. Small and lightweight, free of the need for specialist display units and care routines, but with the same care and attention spent sourcing each piece as anything else in our collection.