F1 Titanium Brake Bobbin Keyring

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Accessorise with a touch of F1. These new keyrings feature a brake bobbin, originally made for a real F1 car! 


  • Titanium brake bobbin
  • Re-engineered into Key Ring
  • Attached to keychain
  • Ready to use
  • Size: 1cm x 1cm approximately

These official F1 bobbins were originally made to be used on a real Formula 1 car. A brake bobbin is used as a spacer between brake disc and brake disc bell. They ensure the brake disc stays straight to give the perfect contact under braking. 

Playing a crucial role in the brake setup of the cars, these titanium components may be small, but they are enormously important.

Now, attached to a keychain, these brake bobbins allow you to own a real piece of F1 action. 

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