Officially Licensed Ayrton Senna 1994 Replica Helmet

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Ayrton Senna captured the hearts of so many fans and is considered one of the most brilliant drivers in the history of Formula One, but he was always different from the other greats. The likes of Prost, Schumacher and Hamilton are all considered greats of Formula 1, with multiple World Championship’s, blistering speed and intelligently assertive race craft. Senna is a great because just like the others he has multiple titles, blistering speed, however Senna’s driving with was rife with passion and emotion. To Senna every input on the steering wheel, every movement on the pedals was based on his connection to the car and circuit. He was an unapologetic fire to his driving style, and to his race craft. What made Senna sensational was the smoothness to his driving, despite it coming from a place of desire and drive, and not the calculated and scientific style that most greats have. Perhaps Senna is most famous for nothing ever being enough.

Similarly, Senna is separated from other champions for his formidable commitment to pushing the boundaries lap after lap after lap. Taking it easy when he had a comfortable lead was not a concept that Senna understood, his passion would not allow him to let off, his desire meant that he couldn’t drive at anything less than 100%.

Having been beaten to the ‘92 and ‘93 titles by the Williams drivers, Senna joined the British team for the 1994. As cruel as F1 can be, the Williams was not the strongest car for 1994, that title had gone to Benneton, which was being piloted by the young Michael Schumacher. Despite the Benneton being faster, the opening three races saw Senna on pole position each time. The first two rounds saw Senna’s Williams suffer a mechanical failure in each race and the Brazilian was yet to have secured a point when he lined up on pole for the San Marino Grand Prix.

The darkest hour came at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Whilst leading around the Imola circuit, a crash saw the three-time World Champion lose his life instantly as he struck the barrier. The event took the Formula 1 world by shock, especially as a fellow competitor, Roland Ratzenberger, had died just the day before in another tragic accident in Qualifying. This tragic weekend was a wakeup call to Formula 1 that they need to drastically increase the safety standards.

Immortalise the tragic end to the Hero’s career with this fantastic display-piece.

  • Ayrton Senna 1994 Replica Helmet
  • Senna’s debut season
  • Racing for Williams
  • Professionally displayed in on a sleek black mount
  • Painted by Sid Special Paint - the original paint shop for Senna

40cmL x 30cmW x 28cmH

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